5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Photography


When trying to instantly improve your photography, you will constantly find yourself feeling frustrated most days. But actually thinking of a new concept can be quite simple with a few adjustments.

This article will hopefully give you 5 great ways to instantly improve your photography game. Lets start with something simple.


(photo: David Bartus)


Taking photos isn’t just about seeing the subject from the front, left or right side, its about how you can create photo presence. When taking pictures of people try positioning yourself lower down for a powerful and taller perspective. But when shooting objects, they generally look better from a waist level or same perspective as the object.

Even try playing around with blank space to create more focus on your subject. Just take 10 seconds to think to yourself, how can I improve this further.

Shoot Through Something

Go round your house and find something to shoot through. This could be a cheese grater or a used pringles tube, just try something and be super inventive! If you think outside the box and you’ll be surprised at how your photos turn out.


(photo: anthony derosa)

Try The Opposite

Everyone can easily follow the crowd by copying another photographer. So show off your skills by doing the opposite to what everyone else is doing.  Stay in the same location but move elsewhere, e.g move left, go right, or get up higher. Consumers are always excited by anything different, so go build your profile as an individual (stay away from the crowd).

It’s All About Good Lighting

If no one can see your image, was it worth the hassle? Even night photographers use good lighting to make their photo stand out and highlight detail. Start of with a spotlight lamp (From Amazon or Ebay) or just move to a window for bright natural lighting.

White lightning makes all the difference, so don’t be afraid to light up your shoot from all angles.

Look At Your Surroundings

When setting up a photoshoot you want to focus on two areas;

  1. What’s going on in the foreground? 
  2. What can I see in the background?

How you can fix your surroundings

In fairness this might be something you could edit in photoshop, however don’t let it affect the whole look & feel of the image.

So before you even click the button, just take a step back and look at your surroundings. Maybe somethings casting a shadow in the corner, or you see theres not enough interest around your object. Try adding a few household items to make it look natural and authentic.


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