How to Use Light Painting In Product Photography

Light painting is a fun and unique photography technique that will leaves you with some very artistic results. If you’re new to this style of photography, then it can take a bit of practice before getting high quality final photos. The process involves using long exposure and handheld light sources to paint or draw with […]

Why You Need This Tripod in 2023

Since i’ve started photography this is the one tripod that has stuck by my side over the years. I definitely know that having the right equipment can make a significant difference in the quality of your shots. One essential tool that every photographer should have in their kit is a reliable tripod. Among the many […]

Product Photography Gear You Need As A Beginner


Product photography gear can be increasingly expensive which is why it can be hard to know what to use. But you don’t always have to have the latest and greatest gear to make your work look good. If you can learn how to understand lighting and certain tools you can really improve your product photography […]

Why You Should Use Aperture Priority Mode

Aperture priority mode is a great way to take fantastic photos without having to mess around with too many settings. It can be great in multiple ways such as saving you time, developing your creativity and it’s ideal for those fast situations. Why should I use Aperture Mode?  When comparing it to manual mode aperture […]

Lensball Review – Should You Buy One?

A lensball might not be the most known photography accessory, but its definitely something you should add to your camera bag. It’s distinctive spherical form, a Lensball creates gorgeous imagery through the technique of refraction. ➜ BUY A LENSBALL What is refraction? Refraction is known to be the direction of a wave passing from one […]


This is a blog post will help you choose 5 great presents for Photographers in 2020. Each item suggested here is useful, funny or generally ideal for all photographers! Not sure if they already own this gift? I’ve also included suggestions for unique Christmas presents that you might not have thought of. Photographers can be […]

How To Take Great Autumnal Photos

Autumn is always a great time of year for photographers. This beautiful change in nature attracts new wildlife and displays colourful countryside landscapes. If you are looking to be inspired this autumn, here are some simple ideas which may help! 1. Find a suitable location Location can makes a big difference in photography. If you […]

99 Things I’ve Learned About Photography


I discovered photography over 5 years ago, and since I picked up a camera i’ve never stopped. These 99 things i’ve learned about photography have helped me improve a lot. I know a lot more about editing, composition, settings, but I know theres still so much more to learn! Never do photography to become famous […]

Top Tips For Instagram Algorithm July Update


Someone of you maybe aware that a few things have changed in the instagram algorithm July update. Here is a brief breakdown of whats happened so far: Stopping automation and spammers Like count removed (certain countries) Stories are more focused for engagement Changes to the way you engage A lot of people already feel a […]

9 Useful Landscape Photography Tips


I’ve recently found myself more involved in landscape photography and it’s definitely helped me learn some valuable tips. There’s been a lot of mistakes along the way, but thats all part of the experience. I hope these 10 useful landscape photography tips will guide you to great photo success. 1. Focus On Depth Of Field […]