How To Take Great Autumnal Photos


Autumn is always a great time of year for photographers. This beautiful change in nature attracts new wildlife and displays colourful countryside landscapes.

If you are looking to be inspired this autumn, here are some simple ideas which may help!

1. Find a suitable location

Location can makes a big difference in photography. If you want to capture great scenic photos, you need to find places that express autumnal vibes.

You should always know what you are going to shoot. Are you looking for landscapes? Do you have a subject? Or maybe you are interested in something closer amongst the leaves.

Here are 10 things that express autumn

If you are struggling for ideas, here are some quick suggestions that may help with your autumn photography.

  • Trees & leaves
  • Birds
  • Sunrises
  • Conkers & acorns
  • Water drops
  • Squirrels
  • Frost & morning dew
  • Rain
  • Fog & mist
  • Walk trails

When you are exploring walk trails or forests its always a good opportunity to stop and look around. Combining these elements will guarantee lots of beautiful autumnal photos.

2. Daylight

Since the days are shorter and much colder, daylight can be an issue with any photographer. However, if get up for the sunrises, you’ll see the sunlight glistening through the golden leaves.

However don’t dismiss the overcast days, as you may capture so fantastic scenery. Mist and dark skies can create dramatic landscape scenery.

3. Look to the ground

One of the obvious changes in autumn are leaves falling to the ground. If you’re always looking up or forward its easier to forget what’s actually beneath you.

Its a great opportunity to capture colour patterns or creatures moving between the trees and leaves.

4. Don’t ignore overcast days

Overcast days aren’t a sign to stay indoors, but a chance to capture the gloom of autumn. Rolling mist and dark skies can create dramatic landscape shots, and overall a spooky atmosphere.

The early days of autumn display lots of a mist from the cold nights and warm mornings. So get up and take a chance outdoors!

5. Creatures and Wildlife

Autumn can be a hard working time for animals such as squirrels, owls, foxes and hedgehogs. But you must remember to be very patient and still if you know they are around, as they can be easily startled.

Find out about forest hideouts in your area, it will could be a great photoshoot spot for a couple of hours.

Try to use an aperture of f2.8 or f4 with a long lens to get the best results. Shoot in good daylight to give yourself a good shutter speed, and this will help you with the animals nimble movements.

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