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Lensball Review – Should You Buy One?


A lensball might not be the most known photography accessory, but its definitely something you should add to your camera bag.

It’s distinctive spherical form, a Lensball creates gorgeous imagery through the technique of refraction.

What is refraction?

Refraction is known to be the direction of a wave passing from one medium to another or from a gradual change in the medium. When refraction occurs, light is bent, and a distortion of the imagery occurs inside the lensball. Usually they are carved from quality crystal, polished and hardened to the highest standard.

Should you buy a Lensball?

A lensball adds an additional wow factor which can really help with getting your followers to notice your content. Whether you are a professional photographer or just do photography as a hobby a lensball will:

➜ Creates an interesting perspective 

If you’re looking for a tool to wow your photography followers, then this could be the right choice for you. Whether you’re photographing a landmark, the beach, people, or other objects, this item can provide a new depth to your images.

➜ Affordable to Buy

The lensball ranges in prices, depending on quality and which brand you choose to buy from. The prices can be as low as £7 for a 60mm lensball but the more expensive glass balls are expected to be around £30. You can purchase them from amazon here BUY A LENSBALL

➜ What Sizes Can I Buy?

You can buy a lensball in a range of sizes. Although they can make it heavier to carry, the image quality can be much better with a larger size glass ball. You can buy a lensball in these available sizes

  • 60mm
  • 80mm
  • 100mm



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